Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bed rest sucks!

Last Friday my wonderful former colleagues threw me a surprise shower lunch, it was really great to see them all and they brought me such wonderful gifts - and a cake I couldn't eat!

But in true ABN tradition, that evening the contractions started back up. They weren't painful, just uncomfortable. I was actually at a childbirth class and it was the nurse that had me wondering if it was something to worry about!

By Saturday morning they weren't really going away so I headed off to my weekly doctor appointment, at which point they sent me to the hospital for closer monitoring. 4 hours and a couple magic pills later and I was all better. He's not showing any other signs of wanting to be born yet so they think it's just a matter of bed rest and keeping hydrated for the next few weeks.

It looks like we might be having an April birthday anyway. Which may mean my plan of buying only larger clothes for my bound to be late baby might backfire, but we'll see!

In the meantime I'm now off work permanently, and hanging out at home with my trusty tivo and my cute new netbook. So hopefully I'll make more of an effort to post more often!


  1. We were so happy to throw you that shower!! It was great to get everybody in one place. We can't wait to see BBL in all of those cute clothes.

    Isn't it annoying that staying hydrated (which definitely worked for me to stave off B-H contractions) will then make you have to get up to pee more often, which isn't good for someone who is supposed to stay off of her feet. I considered buying Depends....

  2. Depends have been mentioned to me more than once by my darling husband. He likes to joke about me needing to use the bathroom 3 more times before we go anywhere, but it's kinda true...I'm sure a catheter is no fun but I'm seeing the attraction...