Monday, May 10, 2010

Bun might not have been the right word...

I think 7-layer gateau might have been more appropriate!

Kyle John Cameron was born on Thursday May 6th, at 8.30am weighing in at an astonishing 9lbs and 15 and a half ounces, and measuring 22 inches.

At my last appointment before the scheduled induction, the doctor and I agreed that a caesarean section was probably going to be the best way to deliver this baby. So we checked in at the hospital on Thursday morning, got hooked up to the IVs, met with all the doctors and nurses and then we got the show started. Of course, true to form, little Kyle was still squirming and moving around when they got into the uterus, before they delivered him! Then as they finally pulled him out, everyone was just shocked at how big he was because it just didn't seem like he would be from looking at me. I guess he's good at hiding!

Recovery at the hospital was long and boring, an endless parade of doctors and nurses and pills and tests. Day 1 was the hardest because I was almost literally tied to the bed, but once I was out of bed on day 2, things turned around. By day 3 I was raring to go home, and at around 12noon we left for home.

Today has been day 2 at home and it's gone pretty well. He's sleeping like a trooper, getting some great 4 hour stretches in here and there. Our first night was quite an ordeal as we tried to figure out night nursing, something we didn't have to really deal with in the hospital. But we're getting there and I think that we'll be on track and ready to go by the time John returns to work on Friday. Tomorrow Kyle has his first appointment with the pediatrician, so we'll see how he's doing since we've been put in charge!

Obviously the bun is now out my oven, so I have a new blog in the works to follow the adventures of our little munchkins as we start this new chapter. So head on over to in the coming weeks to see what's new with us as Catie starts summer vacation and Kyle learns to do more than just poop and eat.

Thanks for following my somewhat adventurous ride, and I hope to see you over there soon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Two more days of sitting around left

Well I'm not counting today since it's pretty much done!

Thursday is the big day, John has banned me from going out alone now so I have two more days of waiting around at home for Thursday to roll around.

We are reporting to the hospital at 6.30am, and will be going from there.

So stay tuned for further news!