Monday, January 25, 2010

24.5 week update

Today I had my 24.5 week appointment. Chunky Monkey is apparently measuring 2 full weeks ahead of where he is supposed to, which probably explains the 12lbs I have gained in the last 4 weeks!

Unfortunately since I am starving like Marvin pretty much 24/7, I don't see this changing anytime soon...I guess he really is going to take after his dad!

I also had my glucose test which I am hoping will not indicate gestational diabetes although it would make sense with the big old baby and the endless hunger I guess. Ugh. We'll see!

The ob also told me that I won't be going as late as I did with Kiki which was only 10 days, but I guess he has a golf game or something he needs to schedule...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

T minus 4 months...

I was going to do steal Erin's line and do a state of the bump address but that's kind of cheating!

Today I am exactly 4 months away from the big day. It's a little scary! Twice in the last two days, I've had people be surprised to hear I am only so many months along so I guess I must be getting big. I certainly feel like I am suddenly a lot larger, not helped by the 5lbs I have gained since Christmas Eve. I'm starting to feel tired again, and I'm hungry all the time!

And then there is the after-lunch ice-cream that sounds awfully familiar!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oops - 21 weeks and I've gotten lazy!

Yesterday was 21 weeks for baby boy Longworth. We celebrated with an anatomy scan at the hospital, and a trip to the city.

The scan went well, he is measuring 2 days ahead so is now due on our wedding anniversary, May 11th. Of course we all know you can take these things with a huge pinch of salt, so nobody needs to mark their calendars!

Unfortunately since we were at the hospital they were more about the medical images and less about the cute, so we don't have any great photos to share. I do think he looks a bit like his daddy on them but that might be because he looks grumpy!

Anyway, a happy new year to all, and stay tuned for week 22 news!