Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bed rest sucks!

Last Friday my wonderful former colleagues threw me a surprise shower lunch, it was really great to see them all and they brought me such wonderful gifts - and a cake I couldn't eat!

But in true ABN tradition, that evening the contractions started back up. They weren't painful, just uncomfortable. I was actually at a childbirth class and it was the nurse that had me wondering if it was something to worry about!

By Saturday morning they weren't really going away so I headed off to my weekly doctor appointment, at which point they sent me to the hospital for closer monitoring. 4 hours and a couple magic pills later and I was all better. He's not showing any other signs of wanting to be born yet so they think it's just a matter of bed rest and keeping hydrated for the next few weeks.

It looks like we might be having an April birthday anyway. Which may mean my plan of buying only larger clothes for my bound to be late baby might backfire, but we'll see!

In the meantime I'm now off work permanently, and hanging out at home with my trusty tivo and my cute new netbook. So hopefully I'll make more of an effort to post more often!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Foods that will be welcomed by any and all visitors!

I am creating a list of foods I can't wait to eat in 8 weeks time!

Let's start with the obvious - sugar. I am looking forward to making up for lost time in Cadbury's Creme Eggs and Nestle Mini Eggs, and a brownie had better be waiting for me in that post-partum room or I will be angry!

I'm also looking forward to eating a giant bowl of pasta with marinara sauce. A lot of pasta and a lot of sauce. Covered in parmesan.

And a big ol' plate of sushi. The tuna kind. The raw tuna kind.

Beer. Heineken. Cold.




Saturday, March 13, 2010

Close - but no cigar - yet!

So a little update with what I've been having fun with over the last few weeks...

Gestational diabetes - I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It's like Weight Watchers, except if you cheat everyone is going to tell you it will hurt the baby. And I'm pretty sure most of us know what telling someone they can't have something does for how much they want that thing!

So far I've been controlling it fairly well, there have been a few times when my blood sugar spiked and one or two low readings, but generally these were because I couldn't stick to my planned diet - work lunch, train delay etc.

I haven't really gained any weight in the last 4 weeks and I had been packing it on before then, so at least I can console myself with that.

The other complications - let's just say that if I am not posting about this online then you know it must be something pretty embarassing! But suffice to say combined with the GD, I am not having a fun time.

And then - it happened.

I was at work on Wednesday, busy cursing away at the incompetents that came before me, when I got a little contraction. 10 minutes later, another. Then, 10 minutes later, another. It got to about 90 minutes of this and I called John. Then I called the OB. John came all the way downtown to pick me up from work, we raced up to the OB's office, they hooked me up to all the bingy machines, and then - they stopped.

They tested me for a substance called fetal fibronectin which is only present in the 1-2 weeks before the baby decides they will show up, so luckily this came back negative. No BBL for at least another 10-14 days.

I have been bedrested ever since, luckily since the above-mentioned test came back negative I could stay home rather than have to be admitted. I am cleared to go back to work on Monday but I am very nervous. So I will be taking it even easier than I thought possible between now and then, and taking my sweet ol' time to make it in on Monday morning.

If it happens again before my planned last day of work on March 31st I'll be put on disability which means no more work, which sounds nice but I'd rather not have any more contractions thanks! So we'll see if I make it to 3/31. Here's hoping.

The whole thing made me realise how not ready I am to push this little fella out yet. I need more time to mentally prepare myself! So I've been busy with the Lamaze DVDs and my hospital bag is now fully packed.

Let's hope there are plenty more weeks until I need it!