Thursday, April 29, 2010

This time next week...

I should have a bouncing baby boy in my arms!

It's been an eventful week, with several false alarms, including a trip to the OB to see if my water had broken this afternoon (it hadn't).

Tomorrow morning I get to meet the doctor who will doing my induction next week if I make it that far. As luck would have it they scheduled me with the one doctor I haven't actually met yet as she only just returned from maternity leave! At least that means she should have a little extra sympathy for me...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

May 6th is the big day!

Today I met with my doctor who has scheduled me to be induced on May 6th, so if the cheese monster doesn't come before then that will be the the big day!

Reality is certainly starting to kick in as I realise that this is less than 2 weeks away! But I'm excited and looking forward to meeting him and having him around to watch me eat all that chocolate. And pizza. And ice-cream.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Holy Big Baby!

Today we went to get an ultrasound to check on the 'little' guy's growth. Wowee! He is measuring in at 40 weeks already, and a whopping 7lbs 9oz! Caitlin only weighed 8lbs 4oz when she was born 5 weeks later than this, so I am a little terrified!

I'm hoping he is still going to come of his own accord in the coming week, but if he doesn't then I'm definitely going to ask to be induced.

Stay tuned!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The home stretch?

As I head towards 37 weeks and being officially full-term, it's getting interesting around here!

Erin and Sonia came to visit on Wednesday which was great, but as I laid in bed that night there were quite a few contractions. Then yesterday I had quite a lot more, to the point where I thought today might actually be the day. Sadly I woke up this morning feeling very tired, but a lot further away from delivery. I had been sure yesterday that he had dropped into position, but today I think he's floated back up. Just as I think he's ready, he changes his mind!

Well I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow so we'll see if all the contractions have actually been doing anything. I have a very strong feeling that it's going to be a long wait but a girl can dream!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Today my OB's office called me while I was out at Walgreens picking up Kiki's prescription. And I'm supposed to be on bed rest...

This week has gone better, I had some contractions on Wednesday night but nothing a few gallons of water and a lot of rest couldn't fix. I had my weekly appointment at (ouch) 7.10 this morning, all good news, I even lost half a pound since last week!

I will be having one last ultrasound to check growth at 37 weeks (3 weeks time) so there should hopefully be more pictures, although I'm hoping that he'll be so big by then that they'll induce me. Fingers crossed anyway!

In the meantime, I got my cord blood donation kit today and I have filled out all the paperwork and put it all in my bag already. Feeling very proud of myself on that one.